NIDS, like all cyber systems, not hack proof - consultant

Gavin Dennis, a certified ethical hacker and cyber security consultant
As the Government moves to assure Jamaicans that their personal data will be protected under the National Identification System (NIDS), Gavin Dennis, a certified ethical hacker and cyber security consultant, has declared that no system is hack proof.
However, he said the risks can be managed.
Mr. Dennis, who was speaking on TVJ's Smile Jamaica on Tuesday morning, said he had taken note of the concerns being expressed by Jamaicans about the vulnerabilities of the NIDS.
He has sided with the Government that personal data are already being provided freely on social media, to banks and to embassies without question. 
However, he said it is still a good thing for persons to be sceptical and to question the new plan as it can bring more attention to and drive more discussion about the proposal. 
Mr. Dennis said Jamaicans can also play a role by educating themselves about cyber security.
"There is much room for growth and for us to all contribute, whether we're going to start pursuing courses in cyber security, whether the government is going to start sending persons on training; but there is much room for (us), the same people who may have or may not have an issue, to also contribute to making the (country) more cyber aware and more resilient and better protected," he argued.  
He asserted that although the Cyber Crimes Act is in place, it is not a deterrent to hackers. 
"It's more of, can we detect when someone is in it because there is Tor and there is anonymous browsing and all of that. So it is very difficult to really track persons without getting a lot of other entities involved," said Dennis. 
A Cyber Incident Response Team was established last year to safeguard government information technology systems against cyber threats.

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