'No difference': Principals' association reacts to scale back of face-to-face classes

Linvern Wright
The Jamaica Association of Principals of Secondary Schools says the Ministry of Education's announcement that only students preparing for exit exams should attend school physically will have no effect.
President of the association, Linvern Wright, says only exam students had been involved in face-to-face classes before the announcement.
Mr. Wright says principals are now suspicious of the basis on which the government is making decisions. 
While many of us welcome it, we are suspicious as principals that the principles, the basis, the standards that they are using to determine this are not clear. It only seems clear to the government and Cabinet and government but the rest of Jamaica doesn't seem to know and we are concerned about that," he noted. 
"What I want is to know that the government is using a system that is reliable. I am not trusting that system that it is a reliable system that is standard that we can say ok, when it is at this number then we close. When it is at this number then we can continue to go on," he explained. 
Mr. Wright said principals are concerned the government is not doing enough to control the spread of COVID-19 in the general population. He argued a lack of adherence to protocols by Jamaicans could render all safety measures taken in schools ineffective. 
"We don't know if other entities like the public spaces, the transportation centres are doing what they need to do to ensure that what we are doing in schools is something that would really be beneficial to all persons. But to have schools compliant and the rest of society we are concerned about is kind of counterproductive to me," he contended.  
Education Minister Fayval Williams on Wednesday said the decision announced was discussed with principals, the E-Covid Task Force and the Jamaica Teachers' Association. 

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