No end in sight to chicken back shortage

The current shortage of  chicken back in the local retail trade is not likely to be eased for the rest of  the year, according to industry experts. In recent weeks there has been a shortage of chicken back, which is widely consumed by poorer Jamaicans .

According to Dr. Keith Amiel, Corporate Affairs Manager at Caribbean Broilers, several factors have contributed to the scarcity.
"The animals, not only chicken but pork and beef , they are currently being fed on grain grown last year during the drought, so it's high priced grain that they are growing on. China has just reopened the market to the United States  and they won't be able to respond to demand until 2014, for the rest of the year we will be in trouble" he said.

He added that the other option is to pay exorbitant prices for chicken meat.

Agriculture Minister  Roger Clarke has also explained that increased consumption in the United States has contributed to the shortage of  chicken back in Jamaica.

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