No water shortage expected this Christmas season - NWC

NWC President Mark Barnett
National Water Commission (NWC) President Mark Barnett has given the assurance that there will not be a repeat of last year's Yuletide Season when there was a severe water shortage in the Corporate Area.
Water woes were at their peak due mainly to several road work projects taking place simultaneously.
This was made worse with the unavailability of the Ferry pipeline.
Mr. Barnett is optimistic that this year will be different. In an update Wednesday on RJR's Beyond The Headlines, he said despite the fact that the Ferry pipeline is still out of service, there is an improvement in the distribution of water that is available so no widespread disruption is expected. 
Last year, several communities in and around the Boulevard, including Patrick City and Cooreville Gardens, were affected by water disruptions during the Christmas season.   

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