No word yet on when PNP MPs will meet

The Secretariat of the People's National Party (PNP) says it is not yet in a position to say when it will arrange the meeting being sought by some of its Parliamentarians to discuss the future of  the political organization.

When Radio Jamaica News contacted PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson on Friday night, he said he had nothing to say on the matter at this time.

Radio Jamaica News reported on Friday afternoon that 15 PNP MPs had written to party president Dr. Peter Phillips highlighting a lack of meetings since his illness and calling for urgent talks to discuss the party's future.

Dr. Phillips has been diagnosed with stage three colon cancer.

In the May 28 letter, a copy which has been obtained by Radio Jamaica News, the MP's said they want Dr. Phillips to meet with the Parliamentary Group before Monday to discuss matters relating to the future of the PNP.

The signatories include Mark Golding, Robert Pickersgill, Angella Brown Burke, Dayton Campbell, Luther Buchanan and Ian Hayles.

The MPs were supporters of Peter Bunting who unsuccessfully challenged Dr. Phillips for the PNP presidency last year.

When Radio Jamaica News contacted Dr. Phillips he confirmed receiving the letter from the Parliamentarians.

In a letter to Mr. Bunting on Friday said COVID 19 restrictions have prevented meetings being held. He said he would ask the General Secretary to contact Mr. Bunting to convene an early meeting of the Parliamentary Group.

In a terse response to that letter Mr Bunting declared that he was not the coordinator of the group of  parliamentarians and asked for the Members of  the House of Representatives to be contacted directly.
















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