NSWMA says other options available to store garbage in light of plastics ban

Audley Gordon
The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) says in the wake of the impending ban on single use plastic bags, people should not stop containerising their garbage as other options are available.
The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) on Monday raised concern about the impact the ban, which takes effect on January 1, will have on the containerisation of garbage by households. 
Speaking with RJR News on Tuesday, NSWMA Executive Director Audley Gordon suggested there are several other ways to store garbage, such as in a carton box, using biodegradable bags or a drum.
Mr. Gordon has admitted that the solid waste agency faces a challenge with Jamaicans not properly containerising their garbage.
He said this is having a significant impact on the operations of the NSWMA as the agency has to spend too much time in some areas to collect the garbage that has been scattered. 
However, the NSWMA chief said the agency will be taking steps to further inform people of the alternatives to single use plastic bags for the disposal of garbage. 

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