Nursing homes classified as 'unsatisfactory' given a month to correct breaches

Dr. Christopher Tufton
More than 100 nursing homes which were categorised as unsatisfactory by the Ministry of Health and Wellness have been given a month to correct breaches.
This was disclosed by Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton.
Some 204 nursing homes islandwide have been inspected to date, with 98 deemed satisfactory in meeting COVID-19 prevention guidelines and protocols.
The inspection team identified 17 unregistered nursing homes.
Dr. Tufton said it is essential that the nursing homes meet standards as they cater to persons with a high risk of contracting the coronavirus. 
"Persons who normally stay in nursing homes are persons with comorbidities, underlying conditions, by virtue of age represent a particular risk, and if you look anywhere in the world, where the virus touching down in a nursing home or an infirmary, we normally have or see deaths resulting because of the weaknesses within those persons' immune system, and so it's very important for us that we manage that process," he indicated.  
The Health Minister said some of the breaches detected during inspection of  the nursing homes included inadequate training of personnel with regard to cleaning and sanitisation procedures, no isolation area, no provision in place for physical distancing, as well as a lack of running water. 
Other breaches discovered were non-adherence of staff to the personal protective equipment (PPE) requirement, including the wearing of masks; the use of inappropriate cleaning and sanitation chemicals; inadequate provisions for additional potable water; and the lack of temperature checks for staff.

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