NWA making progress clearing blocked roads

NWA Communication Manager Stephen Shaw
The National Works Agency (NWA) says progress has been made in clearing blocked roads.
In an update a Tuesday afternoon, NWA Communication Manager Stephen Shaw said the Bog Walk Gorge in St. Catherine, which has been impassable for two days, should reopen Tuesday evening. 
"We have a very stubborn boulder that we have been working at, bursting into smaller pieces since yesterday. We have actually lost two hammers as a result of this very hard rock in the Gorge, but we believe that we are at a place that we'll be able to have the Gorge reopened before the end of today," he said. 
But Mr. Shaw lamented that apart from issues with equipment, there have also been challenges with persons breaching the closure protocols for the Bog Walk Gorge. "Two locks were actually knocked from the gates leading into the Gorge and the persons, taxi operators in particular, have been entering the area causing some problems," he revealed. 
The majority of roads which were blocked by landslides and debris have reopened.
Mr. Shaw said only five roads are still impassable.
He told Radio Jamaica News that several of the thoroughfares are flooded. 
"In the case of that from Alligator Pond to Milk River in Manchester, the stretch from Rock River to Ginger Ridge in Clarendon, too, we are seeking to have those reopened. Those are being impacted by massive boulders. The road from Old Harbour to Barton is being impacted by the big pond. There is little that we can do but to await the flood waters to recede in that particular area. So too the road from Thompson Town to Victoria, that one is impassable due to failed retaining structure," he outlined. 

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