NWA says man of unsound mind damaging traffic signals

Stephen Shaw, NWA Communication Manager
The National Works Agency (NWA) has said a man believed to be of unsound mind is suspected of being responsible for vandalising several traffic signals in the Corporate Area.
In an interview with RJR News Wednesday afternoon, NWA Communication Manager Stephen Shaw said, since late last month, the NWA has seen an increase in the number of traffic signals out of operation due to torn cables or vandalised signal cabinets.
He said the individual is suspected of being responsible for damaging more than ten of the traffic signals from St. Catherine to St. Andrew. 
The NWA is concerned that its inventory of traffic signal parts could be depleted if the problem continues. 
It has informed the police of the matter and has also sought the assistance of the Kingston and St. Andrew Health Department.
The NWA is reminding motorists that no one has the right of way when traffic signals are out of operation, so they should use those areas as four-way stops and proceed with caution.   

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