NWC says combination of issues affecting water supply across Corporate Area

The National Water Commission (NWC) is reporting that water supply to large sections of the Corporate Area is severely impacted by an unfortunate combination of issues that have developed or worsened over recent days.
This has resulted in some customers experiencing intermittent periods of low water pressure and/or no water conditions.
In a statement Monday afternoon, the NWC said the problems are due mainly to the major break on the Ferry/Mandela transmission pipeline in an area that is effectively inaccessible as it is under approximately 35 feet of earth and road construction material. 
It said this has deprived the Commission of about five million gallons of water per day and disconnected a major source of supply to areas including Cooreville Gardens, Duhaney Park, Washington Gardens, Patrick City, Ziadie Gardens, State Gardens, Molynes Gardens, Moreton Park, Olympic Way, New Haven, Coburn Gardens, Seaview Gardens, Washington Boulevard, Dunrobin Avenue, Molynes Road and roads leading off.
The NWC said every effort is being made to fast-track the completion of a new replacement pipeline already being constructed as  part of the road improvement project as all other options have proven impractical. 

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