One Don Gang trial: Detectives having difficulty getting phone records from telecoms providers

A policeman on Monday told the Home Circuit Court that detectives encountered challenges obtaining telephone records from two of the country's telecoms providers while carrying out investigations into the activities of the One Don Gang. 
The policeman, who is now on the stand at the One Don Gang trial, made the disclosure while giving evidence about an incident which led to the death of  two members of the gang during an alleged confrontation with the police. 
The court heard that the prosecution's main witness informed the police, prior to the operation, that members of the gang would be travelling with weapons in a car. 
The gang members reportedly fired at the police who were in an unmarked vehicle. 
The court was told that on the day of the police operation, the main witness had his mobile phone line open.
But when Chief Justice Bryan Sykes enquired about the telephone records, the investigator told the court that the Communication Forensic and Cybercrime Division had challenges obtaining it from the service providers. 
The prosecution disclosed that it had not received the telephone records. 
Justice Sykes questioned why such a request would be denied during a criminal investigation. 
The Chief Justice said if that was the case, legislative changes are needed which would make it easier for the police to access phone records.
More testimony 
The policeman on the stand testified that Fabian Johnson, one of the 33 defendants on trial, claimed that he was a musician and an affiliate of  popular entertainer I-Octane. 
The policeman, who outlined how three alleged members of the gang were taken into custody, told the court that the main witness pointed out Mr. Johnson to investigators on June 28, 2019. 
The detective said he and two colleagues along with the prosecution's main witness drove to Beeston Street in Kingston where he apprehended Mr. Johnson. 
The policeman said a crowd that had gathered hurled abusive language at the cops and declared their support for the Clansman Gang.
The court was also told that the lone female accused, Stephanie Christie, was arrested moments before her husband was ordained at a church in Yallahs, St. Thomas on June 30, 2019. 
The policeman told the court that Miss Christie pleaded with him not to detain her until after the ceremony.

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