One Don Gang trial: Main witness could be charged for other crimes, says investigator

On Friday morning, the lead investigator, who is still on the stand in the One Don Gang trial, revealed that there is a possibility that the prosecution's second main witness could still be charged for other crimes, despite not facing anti-gang charges. 
The court was told that the witness is not aware of the possibility of being charged. 
The revelation was made when Chief Justice Bryan Sykes pressed the investigator on why the witness was never charged in relation to being a member of the gang. 
On Thursday, defence attorney Denise Hinson had questioned the investigator on why he did not proffer charges against the main witness, despite him admitting he was a 'don' in the criminal network. 
Responding to the attorney, the investigator had told the court that after making checks with the St. Catherine Police, the witness was never a suspect in the probe.
However, Justice Sykes followed up on Friday, questioning whether it was policy not to charge main witnesses despite the atrocities they have confessed to.
The investigator denied there was any such policy, telling the court he feared the witness would not cooperate if he had been charged. 
The investigator said apart from carrying out checks to find out if the witness was a suspect in any of the incidents, a file had been sent to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the police acted on the ruling.

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