One Don Gang trial: One of three cellphones with gang recordings admitted into evidence

One of three cellular phones used to record conversations among alleged members of the One Don Gang was admitted into evidence on Thursday in the Home Circuit Court.
Another cellular phone was marked for identification after the policeman who took the stand on Wednesday, was unable to open the device to retrieve the identification number. 
The prosecution's main witness, who was a high-ranking member of the gang and a former don, had testified that he secretly recorded conversations of the gang members on three different cellphones. 
The recordings were then handed over to the police, placed on a compact disc, and transcribed by two police officers with the assistance of the former gang member. 
The policeman currently on the stand is one of officers who had collected one of the cellphones in question. 
On Thursday afternoon, the cop outlined how he along with the main witness collected a Ruger 9 millimeter pistol and ammunition from two of the 33 defendants on trial.
The policeman told the court that the witness introduced him to the defendants as his uncle.
He said one of the defendants greeted him with a fist bump before handing the witness a black scandal bag containing the weapon.
He disclosed that about three minutes later, another man appeared with a plastic bottle and gave it to the witness.
Earlier in the trial, the main witness told the court that he handed over two guns belonging to the criminal network to the police. He said he had been given one of the firearms to get it repaired.
He also testified that the plastic bottle he received from one of the gang members had contained cornmeal and ammunition. 

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