One Don Gang trial: Prosecution to establish chain of custody for CD with gang recordings

The prosecution in the One Don Gang trial on Wednesday indicated that it intends to establish a chain of custody for a compact disc (CD) which contains recorded conversations between alleged members of the criminal network. 
The prosecution encountered a road block on Tuesday afternoon when defence attorneys successfully objected to the entering of two transcripts into evidence. 
The attorneys objected based on issues surrounding the safe keeping and integrity of the compact disc.
The court on Wednesday heard that the prosecution intends to call four police officers who received and handled the CD. 
Earlier in the trial, the prosecution's main witness told the court that he handed over to the police the three cellular phones containing the recorded conversations with alleged members of the gang.
Policeman testifies
A policeman who the main witness testified was handed two illegal firearms which belonged to the One Don Gang took the stand on Wednesday afternoon. 
The policeman, who is among the four officers the prosecution called to establish a chain of custody for the CD containing secret recordings among alleged members of the One Don Gang, said he was introduced to the witness on November 24, 2018. 
The cop, who is the prosecution's seventh witness, told the court that on the day he met the former don-turned-state witness, they spoke for five hours about the criminal network. 
He said the witness volunteered to give a statement. 
The court heard the policeman began recording the witness's statement the following day and the process lasted five to six hours per day until the statement was completed. 
The policeman told the court that he interacted with the main witness more than 30 times. 
He disclosed that the prosecution's second witness took him to a number of communities in Spanish Town, St. Catherine and pointed out where persons were killed and buried.
He said that witness also accompanied him to Chancery Street in St. Andrew where a man was killed.

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