One Don Gang trial: Prosecution yet to receive call data records from Digicel

The prosecution in the One Don Gang trial on Monday disclosed that it might have to use the court's power to obtain call data records from telecoms provider Digicel. 
The court was told that investigators have received call data records from telecommunications company Flow. 
Last Monday, the prosecution's seventh witness, who is the lead investigator in the gang case, testified that the police had challenges obtaining telephone data from the service providers and was still awaiting the requested information. 
According to the police witness, the telephone records relate to phones that were collected from several of the 33 defendants on trial.
Unnecessary questions                                                   
On Monday evening, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes told the defence team in the One Don Gang trial that a lot of its questions are unnecessary. 
Justice Sykes reminded one of the attorneys, Kemar Robinson, during cross-examination, that it is a judge-alone trial and there is no jury to impress. 
Justice Sykes, who interjected when the attorney kept repeating a line of question, described his approach as useless cross-examination.
The Chief Justice told the court that the judge does not assess evidence in the same way as the jury panel. 
He said it is a forensic process.

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