Opposition calls for tighter curfew for Heroes weekend

Dr. Morais Guy
The Parliamentary Opposition is urging Prime Minister Andrew Holness to tighten the curfew hours for the upcoming Heroes weekend.
The government on Tuesday said it was not yet contemplating a longer curfew for the period.
Following a spike in COVID-19 cases in August after the Emancipation and Independence celebrations, the government admitted it should have tightened curfew measures.
Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr. Morais Guy argued that the government should learn from the mistake made last month.
"My concern is that the position of the Prime Minister in not changing the curfew hours, I don't have a challenge with that. I however have a challenge with the Heroes weekend, and if we are to learn from what happened before, I think it is prudent for us to not make the same mistake. So we need to tighten it over this particular two day weekend to ensure that our people are prevented from being out there late where there is the potential for them to have gatherings. So I think he needs to rethink that particular two-day period," Dr. Guy suggested.  
The opposition spokesman insisted the measures under the Disaster Risk Management Act should be strictly enforced during the Heroes weekend to prevent a further surge in coronavirus cases. 
"The concern is not so much the curfew, it is the gathering of people together and as long as the government can assure the nation that no permission will be given for the hosting of such events or if these events are held that they are promptly terminated, then that is what will reduce the spread of infection from person to person. So essentially, what needs to happen is that we ensure that there is no gathering, no permission given for any dances or any parties or anything like that because that is where the spread will take place...," he put forward. 

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