Opposition says JAMCOVID-19 exposure may affect visitor confidence in how gov’t handles personal data

Dr. Morais Guy
Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Morais Guy, says the government will have a difficult time convincing potential visitors that their personal information will be safe following the breach on the JAMCOVID-19 website.
The US based technology publication which last week revealed a weakness on the website and reported that hundreds of thousands of travelers' data had been exposed.
Dr. Guy was speaking on the Morning Agenda on Power 106 FM on Monday.
“The government will have to ensure that it proves to those persons and all of us that what it says it had set out to do has been done now…to confess and say ‘okay, a mistake was made…but we are taking steps to protect the rest of the data that is there and Jamaica is still open for you to come as long as we can get this COVID pandemic under control’,” he said.
Dr. Guys wants persons held accountable for the breach, noting an alleged email correspondence between TechCrunch and the Ministry of Health and Wellness regarding the vulnerability.
“Saturday, a reply was not received until another email was sent on Sunday. And then the Ministry of National Security indicating is only Tuesday they were advised of it. Somewhere along the line there was a lapse.” The opposition spokesman stated.
He also said investigations would have to show who was responsible for the “lapse” and why a response did not come “as quickly as possible when it [the issue] was highlighted.
He was speaking on the Morning Agenda on Power 106 FM on Monday.

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