Opposition Senator questions PM's approach amid surge in COVID-19 cases

Senator Donna Scott Mottley
Opposition Senator Donna Scott Mottley has expressed concern about the Prime Minister's attitude to the current surge in COVID-19 cases.
Speaking in the Senate on Friday, Mrs Scott Mottley noted that the government had been proactive in the early stages of the pandemic.
But with the country now going through a surge in cases and the Prime Minister stressing personal responsibility and vaccination, she argued that this approach cannot be enough, considering many vaccinated people are also getting infected. 
Mrs Scott Mottley questioned the Prime Minister's policy that only a certain number of hospital beds will be allocated for COVID-19 patients. 
"So suppose a health worker, a doctor, a police officer, a mother, a father, a son vaccinated, gets seriously ill? How do you determine then whether or not you need to make a bed not dedicated to COVID-19 available to them?" she asked.
"Prime Minister I want you to rethink some of the things that you are saying. I really think that when you said that, what you did was throw up your hands in the air and abdicated your responsibility as Prime Minister," the senator insisted. 

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