Plans in place to cater to special needs students, says Education Ministry

Dr. Kasan Troupe
Amid concern students with special needs could be left behind as classes move online, the Ministry of Education says it has a plan for catering to these students.
Acting Chief Education Officer Dr. Kasan Troupe says there are about 4,000  such students and the ministry has been making special arrangements for them. 
"We have been providing for our special needs students, we have audited the system and we also know the needs for their tablets and we have been responding to that. Just yesterday, in addition to the fact that we would have distributed some tablets for them, we actually allocated another 150 tablets for our special needs students, reducing now the need to approximately 350 to be filled for them," she said.
In addition, Dr. Troupe revealed that the ministry has been providing additional teachers to support those students from a distance. 
The ministry has also been training parents to support special needs students at home, and in cases where caregivers provided support to these students at school, they will now be deployed to help parents at home.
Dr. Troupe added that the ministry has placed some students in private institutions: "For this year, we have placed, I think, 125 students into special education programmes and we have committed approximately $25 million for that."  
She said the latest placements add to the approximately 665 students who were put in special education programmes last year, at a cost of about $148 million. 

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