PNP expels Karen Cross

Horace Dalley, acting chairman, PNP
Karen Cross, a controversial political activist, has been expelled from the People's National Party (PNP) with immediate effect.
The party's executive committee made the decision at a meeting on Monday.
It said it acted based on a report from the disciplinary committee and in accordance with the party's Constitution.
Horace Dalley, acting chairman of the PNP, told Radio Jamaica News that the disciplinary committee cited more than 30 breaches involving Miss Cross, as a result of which a recommendation was made that she be" suspended from the party for 12 to 24 months, to hold no office in the party and to attend no structured meeting of the party."
The executive committee voted instead to expel her, he said.
Miss Cross, who was a long standing member of the PNP, is the chairman of the New Molynes Group in St. Andrew.
She has had many run-ins with the PNP, the latest being a protest outside the party's headquarters last Thursday.
Mr. Dalley said the PNP had no choice but to take strong action against Miss Cross, arguing that the party "cannot continue as it was."
"There are procedures in the party for you to air your grouses," he said, as against the methods Miss Cross used.

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