PNP in election campaign mode

PNP Campaign Director Phillip Paulwell


The opposition People's National Party (PNP) has instructed its constituency caretakers to intensify campaigning ahead of the next general election.

The charge was given on Sunday, the final of a two-day retreat to discuss the PNP's election readiness.

Most of the party's caretakers as well as their campaign managers were in attendance.

Phillip Paulwell, the party’s Campaign Director, told RJR News that several critical issues were discussed, “including, importantly, the new campaign laws and how they affect financing for campaigns… some of the issues affecting messaging, the role of social media…”

Accordingly, he said the participants left the retreat optimistic, and asserted that “all our candidates are certain that we can and will win.”

“The work now has to start in greater earnest to achieve that,” he declared.



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