PNP intensifies call for Dr. Wheatley to be removed from Cabinet

PNP Chairman Fitz Jackson and Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell
The Parliamentary Opposition has intensified pressure for Dr. Andrew Wheatley to be removed from the Cabinet, announcing on Friday that it will disregard his ministerial position in the House of Representatives.
Fitz Jackson, Chairman of the People's National Party (PNP), said the Parliamentary Opposition maintains the view that Dr. Wheatley should be sacked from the Cabinet. 
"He has a right to be there are a member of Parliament...but we will not have any regard for his ministerial position, and (anytime) he rises in the Parliament to speak as minister, we're definitely going to be out the chamber," Mr. Jackson stated.  
Dr. Wheatley, who was relieved of the Energy portfolio in the wake of the Petrojam scandal, remains as Minister of Science and Technology. 
Meanwhile, Spokesman on Energy Phillip Paulwell, who was speaking Friday at a media briefing at PNP headquarters, said the PNP will be looking into the operations of other government ministries, especially within the Science and Technology portfolios.  
Addressing PNP supporters at a Portland Divisional Conference on Thursday night, Mr. Paulwell also warned that there are more resignations to come.

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