PNP playing politics, says Police Commissioner

Major General Antony Anderson
Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson has responded to the opposition's 60-day ultimatum for him to get crime under control or resign, stating that a better alternative would be a united Parliament against criminals.
Opposition Leader Mark Golding on Tuesday said there needs to be accountability for poor performance.
However, speaking Thursday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106, General Anderson described the opposition's statement as political.
He says the division among parliamentarians on the issue of crime is not helpful.   
"I’m a public servant and security professional, and in that role as the Commissioner and as a public service and security professional, what would have been very helpful to us on this side, on the security side, is if a 60-day ultimatum was given to criminals and gunmen to do otherwise or we'll have a united Parliament against them. That would have been very useful to us," he asserted. 
Mr. Golding, who has blasted the police and government's willingness to use states of emergency to fight crime, had urged the police to utilise other strategies that are already in its "toolbox". 
Responding to that call, General Anderson disclosed that all strategies previously used in crime fighting are still being utilised under his leadership. 
"There is no tool in the police toolbox that we're not using at the moment, but as this the kind of violence that is chronic because it's been going on for so long, the interruption of that violence has to be done with extraordinary measures because it's an extraordinary level of violence, way out of proportion with our crime," he insisted.  
The Police Commissioner has also agreed that police officers should be better paid.
"There's no question about that, and that is my advocacy, and that has been my advocacy to government. What I am told is that that is going to come in the next round. So, I look forward to seeing that. But there is no question about it." 

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