PNP urged to expell members who bring party into disrepute

Lloyd B. Smith and Dr. Dayton Campbell
Political commentator Lloyd B. Smith has said People's National Party (PNP) President Mark Golding should consider expelling members who bring the organisation into disrepute.
Mr. Smith has pointed to the legal issue involving PNP General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell and two female members of the PNP.
He said he is still not clear on the motivation behind the allegations which have painted Dr. Campbell and the PNP in a bad light. He believes the women should be expelled from the political party. 
"I'm surprised that the party has tolerated these ladies so long. I think the overall behaviour has been inimical to the party. It does not show any genuine, to me, interest in reaching some meaningful rapprochement and so I frankly think Mr. Golding has been too nice. I mean, I think the party executive by this time should be looking at expulsion," he insisted. 
Dr. Campbell said, while he does not hold a malice against the women and is "not focused on that," he will be continuing his legal challenge against the them "to ensure that justice is served." 
Dr. Campbell and Mr. Smith were speaking Monday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106.
On Thursday, PNP activist Karen Cross and blogger Natalee Stack were ordered to pay $750,000 within 14 days or spend six months in prison after being found guilty of contempt of court in the matter involving Dr. Campbell.
Ms Cross is seeking help via a GoFundme account to raise the money.
She told The Gleaner she could not afford to pay the fine.
Public relations arm needed  
Mr. Smith has suggested the PNP establish a public relations arm to focus on negative matters that arise internally and nationally.
Officers of the PNP have admitted that internal wrangling, including the resignations of four senior executives and the legal matter involving Dr. Campbell have distracted the party from its duty as an Opposition to comment on national issues.
Mr. Smith said the PNP's public image has taken a battering and will need a communication team to deal with negative matters related to it.
"There has to be an equal, strong attempt to deal with the public perception, and not just by voicing things and coming on air and speaking. It has to be targeted, both in terms of the comrades themselves and the wider society as well as groups. If it continues just to out fires as they arise, that's not going to help, it's only going to make the matters worse," he contended. 

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