Police Commissioner calls for longer prison sentences for gun crimes

Major General Antony Anderson
Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson is calling for longer prison sentences for persons convicted of gun crimes.
General Anderson says 85 per cent of crimes committed in Jamaica this year involved the use of a firearm.
He wants new laws and structures to reflect the current reality in Jamaica.  
"I am saying today that unless we take a different approach, different arrangements, that the persons who commit crimes, that the persons who are in possession of firearms, who are walking up and down with those firearms - if we do not do something about those persons...that deters, that keeps them from doing it, we will continue with the problem," he reasoned. 
General Anderson said discussions have been held with the judiciary about longer sentences for gun crimes, however, legislative changes are needed to facilitate this. 
He argued that it is unacceptable, based on the current situation in Jamaica, that persons found in possession of an illegal firearm can get fined instead of facing a prison sentence of up to five years. 

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