Police embark on another phase in anti-crime initiative

Several major operations were carried out in sections of  the Corporate Area last night as the police embarked on another phase of  their anti-crime initiative in the lead up to Christmas.

 More than 100 cops were deployed to help restore order in public spaces, including  the Half  Way Tree Transport Centre.

“What you’re seeing is an Area Four led  initiative. We have over 125 police officers spread right across the Area Four space. We are doing simultaneous roadblock exercises focusing on motorbikes, also on official gatherings. We are going into the bus parks - anywhere there is any gathering, we will be doing stop and searches to see how best we can pull back on what is happening in Area Four right now. We dub it our 55/70 blitz - which is the next 55 days into 70 days going into the new year, to see how best we can dominate the space and reassure our citizens in the country,” said Operations Officer for Area Four Police, Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor.


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