Police Federation vows to seek justice for former members of disbanded police unit facing US sanctions

Police Federation Chairman Corporal Rohan James and Attorney Bert Samuels
The Police Federation says it will take all steps necessary to ensure justice for cops who were recently sanctioned by the US State Department.
Last week, the State Department announced the public designation of former members of the now disbanded Crime Management Unit.
The US government has not gone into detail on the move but said the decision was built on credible information.
Police Federation Chairman Corporal Rohan James is raising concern about the source of the State Department's information. 
"It is even worrisome the US government is relying on information obtained by someone who would have been integrally involved and would have even - and I will not be afraid to say - prosecuted the matter. It is worrisome," he contended. 
When probed, Corporal James declined to give the name of the person he insinuated was involved, noting he had not yet discussed the matter with his central committee. However, he vowed he would "take all the necessary steps to ensure justice is served." 
It is believed the sanctions against the men are linked to the controversial killing of four persons in Kraal, Clarendon, in 2003, for which they were acquitted.
It's understood that four of those named are serving policemen.
No faith in justice system 
Attorney Bert Samuels believes the US government has shown it has no faith in the Jamaican justice system with its latest action against the lawmen. 
"It means someone has told that country, the United States, that the jury's verdict was not to be respected; that the rule of law that we have, that a jury having pronounced upon the innocence of someone...brings the matter to finality. So they are not respecting our justice system, and those of conspired them to make these kinds of comments are themselves, be they Jamaican nationals, also not believing in the justice system. If you prosecuted and you didn't get a conviction and you're dissatisfied, it means you're a career prosecutor, it doesn't mean that you believe in the rule of law," he asserted. 
Both Mr. Samuels and Corporal James were speaking Monday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106, with host Jodi-Ann Quarrie.

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