Police officers urged not to turn away persons seeking to file report during curfew hours

Inspector Jacqueline Brown, Communications Director for the Police Federation
The Police Federation has joined the Police High Command in instructing rank and file members to not turn away persons who want to file a report, including during the hours of the curfew.
The Gleaner on Tuesday recounted the experiences of two individuals with officers at the Constant Spring and Matilda's Corner police stations.
The woman said she fled her boyfriend's house in the wee hours of October 28 after being badly beaten, only to be turned away by an officer at the Constant Spring police station.
She said she was told her report could not be taken at that time because the curfew was in effect.
The other individual was similarly informed when he went to report his car being stolen.
Jamaica Constabulary Force spokesperson Dennis Brooks told the Gleaner there is no cut-off point for police stations.  
Inspector Jacqueline Brown, Communications Director for the Police Federation, says the reports are unfortunate. 
"If you are in need of the police, whether within the curfew time, I'm telling you to visit your station. We have an obligation to take and treat with your report. We have no right at all to turn anyone from the police station. We are open 24 hours per day," she insisted Tuesday while speaking on the Morning Agenda on Power 106.

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