Police record success in Corporate Area special operations

Special operations in the St Andrew South Police Division have yielded some success with the seizure of seventy rounds of ammunition yesterday afternoon.

They were seized on Oak Glades off Waltham Park Road.

“We started at about 3pm and we were consistent throughout the night. A man, on seeing the police, ran leaving a bag and when we found it ,it contained 70 rounds of assorted ammunition, mostly nine millimeter cartridges. We haven’t found any of the illegal firearms yet, but we will continue with these operations throughout the weekend,” said Commanding Officer for the division, Superintendent Wayne Cameron.

The operations are being carried out in Niggers Lane and White Wing, Majesty Gardens, Payne Land as well as Union Gardens.

These are expected to continue until Monday.

The police are reminding residents that they should expect restrictions in their movement.

And Superintendent Cameron has confirmed that the special operations underway in the St. Andrew South division is in response to an increase in murders and shootings, despite the imposition of  a State of  Emergency in July. 

The division recorded the highest number of murders from January 1 to November 2.

 Police statistics show 147 murders were committed during this period, compared to 78 cases during the same time span last year.


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