Police set up measures to ensure medical doctor accused of rape unable to flee country

Superintendent Rex Swearing, acting head of the St. Catherine South Police
The St. Catherine South Police have put measures in place to prevent the Portmore based medical doctor accused of raping a 15 year old girl last month from fleeing the country.
The doctor has reportedly been in hiding since the girl's mother reported the alleged incident to the police.
Superintendent Rex Swearing, acting head of the St. Catherine South Police, has said all ports of exit are being monitored.
Superintendent Swearing said the police are waiting to collect another statement from the child in order to strengthen the case. 
He was speaking Wednesday night at the monthly meeting of the Portmore Municipal Corporation.
It is understood that the girl's mother, who suspected her of being sexually active, took her to the doctor to be examined.
It is alleged that during the examination, the doctor sexually assaulted her.
RJR News has been informed that the doctor was previously charged with sex crimes.
No tip 
In the meantime, Superintendent Swearing denied an allegation from the child's mother that the police alerted the doctor after she gave her report. 
The mother said she was contacted by the doctor shortly after she filed the criminal complaint at the station on August 28.
She said, since that call, the family has been living in fear.
However, Superintendent Swearing distanced the police from any contact the doctor may have made with the family. 
"At this stage, I am saying that neither the investigator nor the management of the St. Catherine South division tipped off the doctor or caused the doctor to call the mother," he said.  
He noted that the accused was the personal doctor of the child's mother, therefore, it is possible that he had access to her contact information.    

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