Police suggest charges against Floyd Green unlikely

Fitz Bailey, Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of crime, speaking
The police are suggesting they might not be able to bring charges against former Agriculture Minister Floyd Green because of recent changes to the Disaster Risk Management Act.
The police are investigating his involvement in a birthday party on a no-movement day.
However, Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey, who is in charge of crime, says an amendment made to the law on August 11 gives unconditional exemption for certain categories of persons. 
"The clause which stated that certain category of workers can only move on a no movement day in relation to their particular profession, that has been removed, and there is a carte blanche ability to move by these individuals, including Ministers of Government," he explained, adding: "If the man want to go and play football, that's what the amendment to the Act say (sic)."
DCP Bailey also dismissed criticism that the police are not pursuing breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act with impartiality. 
"We are a professional organisation and there are protocols that must be followed. And I must re-emphasise the fact that the commissioner immediately having heard of the incident, he sent it to me, we had there was no lapse in terms of how the way we have responded," he asserted. 
Opposition Senator Peter Bunting on Friday argued that recent public incidents of breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act have highlighted social inequalities in Jamaica.
He pointed to the treatment of the man who was captured by police after releasing an expletive-laden video criticising Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the curfew, the high fines imposed by the court in St. Thomas on people who broke mask wearing rules, and compared those to the incident involving Floyd Green.

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