Police: Third person was travelling in taxi in which two found dead in Clarendon

Superintendent Christopher Phillips, head of Operations for the Clarendon Police
The Clarendon Police believe a third person was travelling in the taxi in which two men were found shot to death in Portland Cottage on Tuesday.
The deceased are 30-year-old taxi operator, Kurt Taylor and 28-year-old Jamalco employee, Odane Brown.
They were both from Hayes in Clarendon.
Superintendent Christopher Phillips, head of Operations for the Clarendon Police, said the men had bullet wounds to the head and based on where the spent casings were found, it's believed a third person might have been in the vehicle. 
He urged residents in the area to share whatever information they may have that could assist in the investigation. 
Shortly after 6 o'clock, explosions were heard in the vicinity of the Portland Cottage and Rocky Point crossing.
The men were later seen slumped in the front seats of the taxi.
Superintendent Phillips said the number of double murders in Clarendon is "a worrying trend" but the police have begun "a detailed assessment" and will "double our efforts to basically see how we can arrest this challenge."
He said the Clarendon Police will also be strongly recommending the placement of more Closed Circuit Television cameras at critical areas throughout the parish, especially in May Pen. 

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