Political Ombudsman laments limited powers given to her office

Donna Parchment Brown
Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown has lamented that successive governments failed to amend laws to give her office more powers.
The Office of the Political Ombudsman currently operates under the Political Ombudsman (Interim) Act.
The Ombudsman on Monday said she will continue to advocate for changes to the legislation. 
"So the failure on the part of successive administrations (since) 2002 to give the constitutional protection is really unworthy and something that I am pressing. However, it does not in any way, shape or form take away from the life or the duty. So it's not that the commission is interim, it's that the state of not being protected by the constitution is interim," she explained. 
Mrs Parchment Brown said the law which governs her office does not give her the authority to submit reports to the Director of Public Prosecutions regarding breaches.
She said her office can rely on the Representation of the People Act to address issues concerning campaign financing, but that is not enough. 
"For me, that's the primary thing. We are able to bring people in and they can be taken before the parish court if they fail to speak truthfully and so on, but we do not have the authority to have them charged by the DPP if they have actually breached the law," she complained.  

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