Prime Minister to announce new measures to fight COVID-19

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced he will hold a media briefing soon to announce new measures amid criticism he has been missing in action in the wake of a significant spike in covid-19 cases locally.

There have been calls for Holness to address the country as an increasing number of  hospitals run out  of covid-19 bed spaces.

“People are saying they don’t hear from me during the pandemic. I have reflected on it, I have given all the statements , I made all the appeals and very soon I will be having a press conference on the pandemic. What the government has been doing behind the scenes is to refine a new set of measures that will enable to economy to continue but it will have the control on movements that will prevent the spread of the disease,” said Holness who was speaking with reporters on Friday. 

The Prime Minister  said it was important that Jamaicans observe the covid-19 prevention protocols to prevent a collapse of the health system.

“In the interim there is a challenge and it is that our cases have increased but more than that, the number of persons seeking health care, that has increased and that is the threat because while we can increase the number of beds, it is very difficult, overnight ,to increase the number of nurses and doctors what you are finding is that hospitals have to be putting beds in the aisles and so forth, in order to accommodate. That is not a situation that we want,” the Prime Minister said. 


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