Probe underway into fatal shooting of woman by police in Maxfield Avenue

A probe is in progress into the fatal shooting of a woman reportedly by the police in the Maxfield Avenue area in St. Andrew on Monday.
She has been identified as 34 year old Latoya Monte, a British national.
Ms Monte was shot when she reportedly pulled a gun on members of a police team.
It was reported that about 6:30 p.m., the police responded to reports of  armed men and a woman travelling in a vehicle in the Maxfield Avenue area.
A Toyota Rav 4 was intercepted along East Bloomsbury Road.
Ms Monte, who was the sole occupant was accosted but reportedly became boisterous and refused to be searched.
She reportedly escorted the police to a property, which she claimed was her residence.
Investigators say two female officers accompanied Ms Monte to a room and were conducting a search when she reportedly pulled a firearm.
She was fatally shot.

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