Pryce denies targeting groups who criticize government

Raymond Pryce, Member of  Parliament for North East St. Elizabeth, has denied that his motion tabled in Parliament in relation to civil society groups was in reaction to Youth Minister Lisa Hanna's comments about one such organization last week. Mr. Pryce's motion calls for civil society and other interest groups to be registered and provide audited financial accounts for scrutiny. Many believe it was in response to Ms Hanna's criticism of Jamaicans for Justice, JFJ, and last week. 

But, Mr. Pryce explained that his motive was pure, and the endorsement by Richard Crawford and Diana McCaulay, who head two civic groups, is testament to that. He said the resolution also points to political parties being under the same regime and would be required to provide audited reports.

And Mr Pryce has denied that his motion was an effort to silence groups that are criticising the government, and sought to assure that it is for the country's benefit.

“What we are seeking to do as an organization, and certainly my own advocacy as a member of parliament is that we ensure that our democracy is robust, that our democracy presents us with the quality and the open society that we all dream of,” said Mr. Pryce. He was speaking on RJE’s Beyond The Headlines on Wednesday.                                                      

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