Public sector workers give 72-hour strike notice

Oneil Grant
Public sector workers are set to walk off the job on Monday following the issuing of a 72-hour strike notice today by the Jamaica Civil Service Association, JCSA.
The notice was served on the Ministry of Finance.
Radio Jamaica News had learnt that public sector workers have been on alert to take action despite the ministry meeting Wednesday's deadline to respond to complaints about outstanding salary issues.
The Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA), which represents 30,000 government-paid workers, has expressed dissatisfaction with the ministry's response or lack thereof to demands to address items in its 2021 wage claim.
The group is also concerned that the ministry intends to use old rates when adjusting salaries under the compensation review to be implemented this fiscal year.
JCSA President Oneil Grant told Radio Jamaica News that the strike will begin midnight on Monday if their concerns remain unresolved. 
Among his requests, he wants the government "to look at our claim seriously with a view of settling it [and] to recognise that the union is not going to accommodate a gap year without a proper conversation about what it is that we are giving up or what the government is going to be giving in exchange for what they're asking us to give". 
Additionally, Mr. Grant argued that public sector workers have been "subsidising the government in terms of some of its operations" and this is becoming "heavier and heavier every day that we have to bear certain price increases for doing our job". 

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