Reduction reported in backlog of court cases

Senior Court Statistician Dr. Denarto Dennis
Senior Court Statistician Dr. Denarto Dennis has provided an update on the number of criminal cases now in the court system, indicating a reduction in the backlog.
Dr. Dennis was assigned in 2016 as part of the move to get accurate figures on criminal cases in the system.
He explained the scope of the reduction on Tuesday while speaking on RJR's Beyond The Headlines
"The real backlog in terms of criminal cases in the parish courts at the time of joining in 2016 was 32,368 with a very small margin of error plus or minus two per cent. At the end of 2018, we computed the estimated backlog to be 26,452 criminal cases," he outlined. 
A case is regarded as backlogged if it is unresolved in the court system for more than two years, he explained.
In terms of the Supreme Court, Dr. Dennis said what was measured was a case backlog rate, which calculates what percentage of cases would be expected to fall into backlog in any given year. 
For that court, he said the case backlog rate measured over the last three years to the end of 2018 was estimated to be roughly 18.30 per cent. 

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