Residents complain of health hazard due to bauxite stockpile in French Park, Manchester

Residents of French Park, Manchester
The Government's attention is being called to another health hazard developing in French Park, Manchester where bauxite is being stockpiled.
The bauxite is stockpiled by Jamalco on behalf of JISCO/Alpart, which has suspended alumina production due to modernisation work being done at its plant in Nain, St. Elizabeth.
Residents of French Park, most of whom were wearing masks, staged a protest Wednesday to complain that the bauxite, which is left uncovered, is being stored daily.
They say this has resulted in a major dust problem, which has spread to at least six other communities, including, Providence, Berry Hill and Mount Pleasant.
They showed Radio Jamaica's correspondent layers of red dust clinging to surfaces, including trees, floors and furniture.
French Park resident Alvin Thompson said the dust has also been getting into stored water. 
Another resident of Mount Pleasant in Spur Tree, who gave her name as Princess, is concerned about the long term health risks. She urged the authorities to come up with a permanent solution to the situation, and suggested the first step was to remove the stockpile from French Park.  

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