Residents disappointed by closure of Old Port Henderson Road

Ainsley, a resident of Villa Palm Estate and Vaughn Daley, President of the Orchard Villa Citizens Association
Residents of communities affected by Monday's permanent closure of the Old Port Henderson Road in St. Catherine which runs parallel to the Spanish Town Bypass are expressing disappointment that they were not consulted by the National Works Agency (NWA).
The communities include Orchard Villa and Villa Palm Estate.
The residents told RJR News they have been inconvenienced.
They are calling for a meeting.
The NWA said the closure is to prevent vehicles turning right from Old Port Henderson Road as this regularly interrupts traffic flow, causing a pile up along the Spanish Town Bypass, where it intersects Salt Pond Road.
However, Ainsley, a resident of Villa Palm Estate, said the closure will not prevent a traffic pile-up. 
"If vehicle coming from this side blocking the road and causing a whole heep a nightmare, what are the police for? Uphold the law. Put the full force of the law to deal with it; that's what the law is there for. If I'm breaking the Road Act, the law is there to fix it. By blocking off the road because of few bad driver, you inconvenience thousands of people," he lamented.  
Vaughn Daley, President of the Orchard Villa Citizens Association, said the road closure has resulted in only one way in and out of the communities.
Mr. Daley has also taken issue with what he said was the short notice by the NWA.
"The proper channel in doing this was not observed because you must have a townhall meeting or speak to the citizens about the closure and see how it would impact us and what's the best way we could go about doing this," he pointed out. 
He argued that there was no need to close the road, and suggested that a better solution to the issue would have been to fix the road and install traffic lights to regulate the flow of vehicles. 

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