RJRGLEANER Group partners with JCF to enhance road safety

Gary Allen, Chief Executive Officer of the RJRGLEANER Communications Group and Police Commissioner Antony Anderson
The RJRGLEANER Communications Group and the Jamaica Constabulary Force have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will govern a partnership between the media group and the police to enhance road safety.
Gary Allen, Chief Executive Officer of the RJRGLEANER Communications Group, announced at a media briefing on Wednesday that the media group will donate $10 million worth of  airtime and advertising space on all its platforms for road safety messages. 
Mr. Allen noted that the moved was the company's way of trying to "make a mark apart from really just reporting credibly on what is happening around us and so we try to do things to make a significant difference in the society." 
He said with "over 400 people every year losing their lives on the streets and thousands more who are being injured, maimed, lives changed forever; we thought that an effort to try and help save lives on the streets is an effort that we have to make." 
Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson spoke of the timeliness of the partnership, asserting that it is significant in that it "anchors that pillar of road safety that deals with education, awareness, which is a critical pillar."
Last year, 389 people died in motor vehicle crashes.
There have been 164 fatalities since the start of the year.

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