Road safety official endorses concerns about motorists smoking ganja

Dr. Lucien Jones, Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Council, has welcomed a recent expression of concern by Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton about the dangers of persons smoking ganja and driving on the roads.

Dr Tufton told RJR News that he's in discussions with National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang about improving enforcement of the ban on smoking in public spaces, including the smoking of ganja.

The ban came into effect in 2013; however, enforcement has been limited.

According to the health minister, some persons have misinterpreted the decriminalization of possession of two ounces of ganja as permission to smoke in public.

Dr Tufton has cautioned that the brain altering chemicals in ganja makes it dangerous for persons to smoke the drug and drive on our roads.

Dr Jones, who is a medical doctor, has  endorsed the concerns of the Minister.

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