Senate debating whether to extend SOEs

Attorney Kenyatta Powell
Debate on the resolution to extend the States of Public Emergency in seven police divisions is underway in the Senate.
The House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to extend the anti-crime measure until February 12, despite the parliamentary opposition's insistence that the government's actions are unconstitutional.
With 49 of 63 seats in the Lower House, the government had no troubling passing the resolution. 
However, it will need the support of the opposition in the Senate for the resolution to be approved.
Still, a member of the legal profession is of the view that the stance taken by the opposition not to support the states of emergency could work against it in the long run as the country grapples with a growing crime problem.
Kenyatta Powell says the opposition is likely to face political backlash for not supporting the anti-crime measure.
"The government and...commentators have been very good at propagandizing the people about SOEs, and about how the SOEs are a magic bullet and it's our saving grace, etc. So as far as the raw sort of party politics is concerned, if [the PNP] stand on principle...and stand against it, it will hurt them. And so that is a calculation that the People’s National Party as a political organization, must make," he reasoned.  
Mr. Powell was speaking on Thursday on the Morning Agenda on Power 106. 

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