Settlement agreed for patients and children of Canadian fertility doctor who used his own sperm

Former patients and children of a Canadian fertility doctor who used his own or unknown sperm to impregnate patients have been offered a $13 million settlement.
It is thought to be the first-ever legal settlement of its kind.
Under the terms of the deal, claimants will be given compensation based on court-determined level of harm.
Money will also be set aside for a DNA database to allow dozens of children to identify their biological fathers.
The class-action lawsuit currently includes 226 people. 
Dr. Norman Barwin worked at two clinics in Ottawa, Ontario.
Some couples who were told that the male partner's sperm would be used were unknowingly given random samples, and in some cases, the doctor's own.
Some of the claims date back to the 1970s. 
Dr. Barwin is now in his 80s and has not practiced since 2014.

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