Sixteen schools begin face-to-face pilot programme today

Cislyn Palmer, the guardian of a student who returned to face-to-face classes today
Sixteen of the seventeen schools selected to participate in the pilot programme for face-to-face teaching commenced classes Tuesday morning. 
The Ministry of Education said Yallahs High has asked to begin classes on Wednesday as the school's compound is flooded. 
The programme was scheduled to start on Monday but was delayed because of inclement weather.
The Education Ministry said arrangements are in place to help students, teachers and other staff observe COVID-19 protocols.
The pilot programme will be for two weeks.
The selected schools are in Clarendon, Manchester, Westmoreland, St. Ann, St. Elizabeth, St. James, St. Thomas and Portland.
Cislyn Palmer travelled with her granddaughter from Bohemia in St. Ann to Alston High School in Clarendon Tuesday morning.
Ms Palmer said her granddaughter, who is entering Grade 7, was anxious to be back in a physical school setting.
She said that, coupled with internet connection challenges, made her embrace the pilot programme, which she hopes will be continued. 
"I'm still (afraid) for her to come in a time, situation like this can't keep (them) down, especially education wise so you have to just put God before and allow them to be in school," she reasoned. 

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