SOE resources redeployed in Dover, St. Catherine following Tuesday night's killings

ACP Gary Griffiths; a survivor of the shooting; Dr. Horace Chang
Assistant Commissioner Gary Griffiths, head of the Area Five Police, has said resources in the state of emergency have been redeployed to Dover, St. Catherine following the shooting of nine persons during simultaneous attacks Tuesday night.
ACP Griffiths said this will continue until next month as there are concerns about possible reprisals. 
He said the police are also investigating whether the Dover attack is linked to a murder that occurred in Kitson Town last Friday.
He said strangers had been frequenting the area, which is known to be a quiet and peaceful community. 
Grief and fear have gripped the St. Catherine community after nine people were shot, four fatally. 
The deceased have been identified as 67 year old Gladstone Grange, a relative of Culture Minister Olivia Grange; 38 year old Marcus White; 46 year old Dennis Pryce and 42 year old Patricia King.
Ms Grange said another relative was shot in the incident.
Three of the injured remain in stable condition in hospital.
Investigators say more than two persons carried out the attacks.
One shooting occurred at a bar, while the other happened where persons were playing games.
One of the persons present during one of the attacks recounted to RJR News what occurred.
He said persons, including his father, Dennis Pryce, who was killed, were gathered playing games near a bar.
He told RJR News he had to run for his life after being chased by one of three men armed with guns. However, he managed to hide in bushes and evade the gunman.
Investigators say statements have been collected and witnesses are being interviewed.
National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang said on Wednesday preliminary information from the police revealed that Tuesday night's attack in Dover was linked to gang activity in Kingston.
He said it was a case of the proverbial "If you cyah catch Quaco, yuh catch him shut." 

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