Some Jamaicans in Florida suffer property damage from Hurricane Ian

Attorney Wayne Golding, a member of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council in Florida
A number of Jamaicans who live in Florida, which sustained a direct hit from Hurricane Ian, have suffered property damage.
In an interview with Radio Jamaica News on Thursday afternoon, attorney Wayne Golding, a member of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council in Florida, said the Council is concerned particularly about the Jamaicans living in Fort Myers and Port Charlotte, which faced the brunt of the destruction and flooding. 
Mr. Golding said a significant number of Jamaicans live in those areas, and while it is still unclear how they all fared, he is confident that "whatever their needs are, [they're] going to be taken care of".
He said "very good" state and community services, shelters and relief are in place for people the affected by the storm. 
According to Mr. Golding, the Council is also awaiting word from its community leaders on the fate of Jamaicans living on the eastern side of Florida, including Palm Bay and Melbourne. 
So far, he said there has been no report of loss of life among Jamaicans. 
Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday near the city of Fort Myers and brought severe flooding, high winds and storm surges.
More than 2.6 million people in Florida are still without power. 

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