St. Elizabeth man charged with murder of caretaker

The St. Elizabeth police have charged a man with the murder of a 60-year-old caretaker last month.
Nicholas Hutchinson, a 42-year-old of Arlington in the parish, was charged on Wednesday night.
He is accused of using a machete to inflict fatal wounds to Oswald Valentine of Fullerswood, St. Elizabeth.
Mr. Hutchinson is scheduled to appear in the St. Elizabeth Parish Court in Santa Cruz on Monday.
It's reported that on July 8, Mr. Valentine confronted Mr. Hutchinson about trespassing on a property.
During the confrontation, it was reported that a machete was used to injure Mr. Hutchinson.
A tussle further developed and both men fell to the ground.
Mr. Hutchinson reported that he escaped and went to the hospital for treatment.
The police were called.
Mr. Hutchinson then took the police to the property where Mr. Valentine was found with chop wounds to his head.
Mr. Valentine pronounced dead at hospital.
Mr. Hutchinson was taken into custody.

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