St. Mary quarantine ends

Dr. Norman Dunn
Residents of Dover, Enfield and Annotto Bay in St. Mary have expressed relief that they are again able to leave their communities after being in quarantine for two weeks.
The 14-day measure ended at midnight.
The three communities were placed under quarantine due to a spike in COVID-19 cases.
Dr. Norman Dunn, Member of Parliament for St. Mary South East, said the residents were cooperative.
"The residents are very very happy that they are now able to move around completely on their own, however, they are also very thankful to the authorities for instituting the quarantine, and I must say as their member of parliament, I am very very proud of them in how they conducted themselves during this period," he told Radio Jamaica News. 
He said they are now trying to stock up on supplies. 
Dr. Dunn noted that, despite the lifting of the quarantine, residents must be mindful of their responsibility to prevent a spread of the coronavirus.
"They know this is not the time to celebrate because the virus is still with us and it's gonna be with us for a long time from all indications and therefore, they are practicing their social distancing, wearing their masks as well as all the other sanitary advice that they've been given from the Health and Wellness Ministry," he said.  

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