St. Thomas residents up in arms over death of woman who was struck by car on Springfield road

A resident of Friendship Pen in St. Thomas
Residents of Friendship Pen in St. Thomas are disputing the police version of an accident which led to the death 27-year old Nashan Lindo.  
The police reported that Miss Lindo walked into the path of a car which was travelling on the Springfield main road in the community about 7:30 Friday evening. 
However, the residents who protested in the area Monday morning, claimed that speeding and careless driving led to her death.
They are appealing to the authorities to take action.
"When are you, the government, gonna do something for this side of Western St. Thomas. We don't get highway yet and this is what is happening. We need a sign down the bottom, we need a pedestrian crossing, we need a sleeping police and we need one a dem police deh weh you see stand up with that sign thing... We need all a that. This is happening too much," one resident lamented. 
They say Ms Lindo's death occurred a year after Rhidgeaune Taylor, a student of the St. Thomas Technical High School, was hit by a car just meters away.

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